Bad Credit? No Problem - Finance with Riss Can Help!

Having bad credit can be a major roadblock when it comes to getting financing for a vehicle, but don't worry - Finance with Riss is here to help. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to own a reliable vehicle, regardless of their credit history. That's why we offer a range of financing options designed specifically for those with less-than-perfect credit. We work with a network of lenders to help you find the best possible terms and rates, so you can get the vehicle you need and start rebuilding your credit. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have. Don't let bad credit hold you back - apply today and take the first step towards vehicle ownership and better credit!

Our Happy Customers


I provide automotive financing for communities throughout Canada on both brand new and used vehicles. I treat all our clients case-by-case and understand that things in life happen and can offer programs to help rebuild if you have had past credit issues due to various circumstances. Mine goal is to have you as a customer for life and would love to have the privilege of helping all your friends and family get vehicles too!



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